Established in 1983, The Japan Club of Sydney (JCS) is a non-profit organization operating as an ethnic group under NSW law, with a neutral policy on religion and politics. Most members reside in New South Wales, and are predominantly of Japanese descent.

Managed by volunteers, the JCS works to foster friendship between Japanese families, promote Japanese culture and improve mutual understanding with other ethnic groups. It regularly conducts friendship activities, as well as publishing newsletters and supporting Japanese language education for children. The JCS currently has over 350 families on its membership roll.

Although the club was originally founded to promote the development of a supportive community for Japanese permanent residents in Australia, it welcomes everybody who accepts its tenets and policies regardless of their ethnic background.

Our main activities are as follows;

We publish a monthly newsletter, JCS Dayori, and mail it to all of members. It is a very useful Japanese medium that contains useful information, lifestyle hints, schedules and reports of our events and opinions from our members.
Social Activities and Reunions
Japanese Festival at Darling Harbour; February
BBQ picnic; July
End of Year Party; November
Coach Tours; Several times a year
Educational Activities
We are supporting two Japanese schools ? the JCS Japanese School at Ultimo, Northern Beaches and Dundas, which are operated by parents of students.
Senior Group Activities
JCS Senior Group was formed by over 55-years-old members and runs monthly meetings which include useful lectures by professionals and experts, bingo games, trips and so on.
Club Life for Sports, Culture and Leisure
We are supporting Various clubs for sports, culture and leisure are organized by members. Current clubs are Sydney Soran Dance Troupe, Outdoor Club, Golf, Karaoke, Softball, Ethnic restaurant dinners and so on.

For further information, please contact our administration office.

G.P.O. Box 1690, Chatswood NSW 2057